2023 GHIN Fee




Valid for 1 GHIN Pass through for the 2023 season. You may use an existing GHIN number or create a new one.

Join the golfing community of nearly 3 million golfers with a Handicap Index.

A Handicap Index provides every golfer – regardless of age, gender or skill level – with a universal measure of playing ability under the World Handicap System™.

A Handicap Index allows you to:

  • Play with any golfer on a fair and equitable basis.
  • Track your personal progress and gain insights into your game.
  • Compete in events requiring a Handicap Index, creating additional playing opportunities.
  • See updates to your Handicap Index by posting scores from any course around the world with a Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®.
  • Prior to playing you can use your Handicap Index to determine your Target Score, which is a score you are reasonably capable of achieving, to help choose the best set of tees to play.